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Thread: Firstly ..this is NOT political!

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    Firstly ..this is NOT political!
    I, like every right thinking human being , am pleased with the news of this man's death, but I do object to the code name given to him by the US authorities.......when I was a kid I played cowboys and Indians and I was Geronimo...........always. A brave fighter, with just cause and power beyond what is considered normal.
    They could ( and IMHO) SHOULD have called Osama bin laden.........Mad Dog.

    Rant over..........and I refuse to change my avatar!
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    Agreed Peter.
    Unlike this piece of garbage that was just removed from the world, Geronimo was a courageous warrior and leader, who led his men into combat, putting his own life at risk.
    Any association of the name of this great Chiricahua Apache in use with this cowardly animal that the Seals finished off, is a terrible mistake.
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    agreed... what a racist code name that is. that's just wrong.

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