Hello Fellow Artists,

Just wondering, IF your the type who listens to music while using ArtRage, or any other media, what do you listen to, and how does it affect your results, theme, mood and subject your working on. Myself music will have a HUGE effect on my final outcome, Im not a young man, Im not an old man, pushing 40, so over the last 30+ years of my life I have grown quite ecclectic in my musical tastes, listening to everythign from Johny cash to Korn to Led Zepplin, and sometime Enya, Lately I have been listening to a lot of Led Zepplin and older Blues as I Paint or draw, It seems to calm me and bring me to a place of deep focus, and slows me down. I discovered this while sculpting one day, and have since applied it to when im using ArtRage Studio. What are your inspirations musicially?

Hmmm...Maybe I should attempt a Led Zepplin inspired peice...
(Scurries off into the net to find refrence)