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    Real palette

    Hi, When working with real oil paint, I am used to mix my colors with a palette knife, mixing three or more colors until I get the color I want.
    ArtRage is wonderfull when painting, but I miss this possibility to mix colors manually.
    I use a work-around by making an extra layer for color mixing, using an oilbrush with thinner 0 and loading 0 to mix 3 or more colors, which I have to make invisible when painting.
    Not the most practicle way to work.
    Has anyone a smart suggestion to solve this problem?
    Could this be a wish for a future version of Studio Pro, a separate mixing palette floating in the workspace like the Reference Image?
    Thanks in advance for yourreactions,


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    Hi Rob,
    I think this is on the wish wish list. I also paint with natural media and what I do is to make the canvas I start off with larger and mix my colors on the edges. I guess I like to see them on the canvas as I paint and not bother with opening and closing the visibility of the layer.

    When finished with the painting I can either erase the color samples or crop the image. I bet others will have ideas as well.

    Warm wishes,
    Karen B

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    Thanks Karen,

    That is a good idea too. My mixing layer gives me the chance to mix directly with the painting visible and try the color I got on the spot to see if it is correct.
    Both techniques are rather similar but I think yours is better.

    Kind regards,


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