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Thread: New user... Import Problem?

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    New user... Import Problem?

    Hey guys!
    Quick backstory... I used to do all my iPad sketching on Sketchbook Pro, but due to a problem with backups, I recently lost all my on-iPad drawings.
    I have a few of the .png and .psd (sketchbook could export as .psd with layers intact) on my PC, however sketchbook pro does not allow the *import* of these file types, only the export..

    So far I have been unable to upload a .png, with a transparent background, into the iPad photo library in order to import into sketchbook.
    edit - To clarify, I can import a .png, and open it in sketchbook, but the transparent background turns to solid white.

    And then I found out about ArtRage, and thought I'd give that a go instead! People seemed to say that it is possible to move a picture from PC to iPad, and keep layer/transparency information intact?

    However, the files I have tried to import using the Artrage "Add file" option... show up in the artrage "My pictures" gallery as a mona lisa default image?
    It also shows the resolution (under the mona lisa) as "621 x 0" ... when the images are actually 1024x768.

    So im a bit confused! My Images are currently .png and .psd. I did read that artrage works best using .ptg... except googling did not help me find a way to convert from .png/.psd TO .ptg.

    So yeah, thats all the info I have... I hope someone can help me, I dont want all these half finished pictures to be totally worthless to me, just because I moved them from ipad to PC... There should be a way to easily move them straight back!

    Anyway, thanks guys, sorry for the long post, but this has been frustrating me all weekend.

    Hope you can help!

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    Hi Nirurin,

    The only way to get files with tranparency into ArtRage on the iPad would be via PTG format. ArtRage's gallery on the iPad is for ArtRage painting files only ( PTG files ) so if you place other file formats there from your computer, it's not going to be able to view those directly. The Photo Gallery on the iPad uses an internal Apple format which I believe doesn't support transparency.

    If you have the desktop version of ArtRage, you could open your PNG / PSD images via File -> Import Image, then save these as PTGs with layer transparency preserved. The iPad version would then be able to edit these files.

    if you don't have the desktop version, you could use the ArtRage 2.6 Starter Edition which can be downloaded for free from to open your PNG and PSD files in the manner described above, then save them as ArtRage painting files.

    I hope that's of some help anyway!
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    Ahh thanks, that would help yes. When I googled about converting .png to .ptg, none of the pages that came up suggested getting the desktop version lol

    Thanks, I'll look into it now

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