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Thread: First iPad Painting

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    First iPad Painting

    Its not much but here is my first iPad Painting - A corner of my living room. My word I am extremely enthusiastic about this very portable combination. Interesting to see how painting smaller with a finger/stylus directly on screen moves my painting style to something very loose and painterly. I really like that!

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    Hi Boxy. Very good.

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    This is lovely Boxy... I cant wait to get mine now, but I have to wait for a friend to bring mine out to me - only available overseas at this point in time )

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    Excellent work! I love those russian dolls. Could never have them in my house though - not unless they were set up about 7 feet off the floor, out of reach of my 8 year old's reach. :P

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    What a great starting show for Your fingers!
    You're opening a new world of portable art-making indeed. In a way human race should have evolved with some further built-in organs to write, paint and draw, vizualize and, why not, print too. What we missed this far, due to natural evolution rquired times, we're anyway getting in advance by technology everyday progress!
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    Tell us about the difficulties!
    Can iPad reacts to the degree of depression (as a tablet)?
    Or maybe someone already talked about the difficulties?

    ps. The picture is good, thanks
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    Thanks everyone.
    There is no pressure sensitivity as far as I'm aware but I haven't found that a problem in any mobile app as they all have some way of making strokes more transparent.
    There is a slight lag on some large strokes but nowhere near enough to hinder painting in any way.
    The main difficulty for me is not of AR's making but of Apple's - specifically their ludicrous decision to put highly reflective screens on everything - not least portable devices, which by nature will always always always be used outdoors in strong light. Really, what does it matter that blacks are slightly blacker when you can't see the black for reflections?

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    Very nice accomplishment indeed.

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    Boxy - very nice work, without any pressure sensitivity it must be a bit of a challenge although this piece look very painterly and loose but composition and tones are great

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