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Thread: Swan (Lake)

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    Bueatiful subject you have painted, saphaire... water and the whole mood is perfect a bit of touch on the swan and she will fly high ...pleasant painting indeed.

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    Thank you Vanity, AT-TA for your very kind comments. I am still a little unhappy with the feathers they don't look soft enough, they normally have a beautiful soft sheen which seems to be missing. I am trying different things out on a copy. If it doesn't work I will leave it for a while and go back to it once I have more experience with the tools..

    Quote Originally Posted by P. D. Dinkles View Post

    I normally don't like photo-realism paintings. I always say, I have a camera for that, and in fact I just do not have the talent it takes. But this painting, this fabulous painting destroys all my prejudices against the genre.

    I cannot believe the subtly and the physics of the moment so accurately caught. The movement of the water, fore and aft of the swan, is exactly how a sailboat cuts the water and leaves a wake.

    This is one of a kind. And I am glad I saw it.
    Thank you so much Dinkles,
    It was just something I saw on our local lake, this male was showing off to a female, he pushed his chest down into the water which caused the big wave at the front, the look of determination and power was beautiful.
    Christine.(Paint what you see, not what you know to be there)

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    This is absolutely beautiful. Stunning. Very very nice!

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