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Thread: New here and new Bamboo Tablet

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    New here and new Bamboo Tablet

    Hey guys, I have just joined this forum

    I received a Wacom Bamboo and Touch for my birthday today and wondered where I should begin with it, I have never used a digital tablet before. I am learning to draw in pencil and I.m making progress in that steadily. I also want to learn how to use this tablet properly but there is soooo much info out there I just am at a loss as to where to start lol.

    Would anyone be able to suggest some basic tutorials and techniques I can use?

    Also, the stylus does not "feel" right in my hand like a pencil does, is this a common problem with new users of tablets?

    Thank you very much in advance for any help anyone can give me


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    Congrats on your new goodies. We all here love our program very much.

    There are many tutorials in the hints and tips section, as well as a large compiled PDF tutorial book, made from that area. It is due to come out fairly soon and a very very friendly community here.

    It really does take a while to get used to the tablet over good old paper and pencil. Just practice, doodle and mess around. Try the tracing function if you have it. Also try moving the page around with the compass, (it's in the top menu) it will allow you to spin things around like you could with real paper. It's not like traditional pencil, you can't hold it in some of the ways you could hold the pencil to sketch. It's good to practice both ways.

    Most importantly have fun. This little program is tons of fun.

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    I had the same problem when I first started using my tablet. Don't worry, your hand will soon get used to the stylus.

    As for tutorials, if you're just beginning your adventures in drawing, I suggest any of the Loomis books. You can find most of them here:

    If you've been drawing for awhile and just need to get used to the tablet versus traditional drawing, all I can suggest is picking up your stylus and having fun with the ArtRage program! Just jump in and play for a bit.

    There are also tons of tutorials in the forums here.

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    Thank you guys. I will check out some of your suggestions now. I think your right, I have to get use to holding the stylus first. (it feels soooo wierd atm lol)

    Ill go see the loomis site too, tyvm for that

    This is gonna take some time to get use to but Im really over the moon i got one today. Im just really confused as where to go and what to do first lol

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