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Thread: His name is Qeee and he deals drugs

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    Josh, Qeee, and Religion


    I have just been playing with stumble upon, and I am really impressed. The art form is unique, and honestly, a backstory is warranted, especially if art is to be interpreted as specifically as yours is. Unnatural neuro-synapses connecting and prompting the questions of one's self? Absolutely brilliant. As a native Bavarian and member of the Nurnberg Neo Nazis (NNN), I am also impressed with your concept of religion; too many times are we roped in by the morals of a book other than Mein Kampf. A man should be steadfast in his beliefs because of his self-educated understanding of the world as it is, not what he is forced to conform to. The basis of morals on the words of Jason Chris? A man who lived, died, and rose from the dead 2000 years ago? That story is almost as unique as your art, which is why I appreciate your objective standpoint on religion as well. And I mean really, if anybody has secrets, it's the Jews. The vatican has secret files, but only of where they moved all the child molesting priests to. Hopefully it was around Synagogues, or at least I can only hope. Josh, I have a request of you, based on what I have seen here. I have a recurring dream in which I see a naked mole rat floating in the ocean, wrapped in its own intestines; can it be drawn?

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    Can we please keep the conversation at a respectful tone?
    AndyRage's mantra for graphics engine code:
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    Mr. Rage,

    Can I call you Andy... Andy overall I have been only explaining the basis of my characters in development for a series of stories I have wrote to Educate Children on proper choices in life... by only giving facts about each topic and allowing the youth to decide what they want rather then what is told to them...

    This input from the viewers is much help to me in research in to how I will have to deal with conservative views, as well as it allows me to have another piece of "Art", which is the Forum pages themselves...

    Andy (and) I thinking I speak for everyone here... If they did not enjoy the conversation they would not comment on it...

    Now, for Alexander Yes I can draw the "reacquiring dream" Picture... The "mole rat floating in the ocean, wrapped in its own intestines" would be very easy to draw in the same style, thanks for the comment and I think your picture request will be my next project...

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    Sorry folks, while we haven't received any complaints about the original art, we have received a number of complaints about the direction and tone the discussion was taking so we've closed the thread.

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