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Thread: Hi I am new: any new coupon codes for Artrage

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    Hi I am new: any new coupon codes for Artrage

    I just downloaded Artrage 2 for my new tablet. I have been using it for a few days and want to upgrade. Its very nice even with only a few tools,
    I see a coupon code in sticky notes but itís a few years old. A $5 to $15 dollar coupon would so rock.
    I was planning to get studio 2.6 but my husband thinks I should have studio.
    I do kawaii and abstracts on zazzle. I want to do abstract landscapes. I think artrage would help in that. I just got a graphic tablet. I have a bunch of art softwear but I want something just for painting on the tablet

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    If you have a licensed copy of ArtRage 2 (rather than the free demo version) you are eligible for a $15 coupon when upgrading to either Studio or Studio Pro. You can get this coupon by registering in the Member Area (instructions can be found here:

    At the moment there are no other coupons available, but we may run sales again in the future.
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    thank you

    Thank you

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