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Thread: Health Problems

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    Health Problems

    Hi all

    You may have noticed I've not been around much lately, some of you might be thinking who the hell is that. Anyway, some might remember I had carpel tunnel problems last year and surgery to sort it out. The surgery didn't work and the numbness and tingling spread to my other hand and legs. My left side doesn't work properly and I get muscle spasms in my back and my balance is dodgy. So after many tests and MRI scans it turns out I have a tumour in my neck squashing the spinal chord at C1 C2. This is just about the worst place it could be. I thought I'd let my friends here know now because I've now got an approximate date for surgery and all the results back.

    Around the end of April they will try to remove it, they can't say if I will get back the feeling and mobility I've lost or indeed if it will get get worse. Worse is quadriplegic or dead.

    So that's where I've been for the last few months, if all goes well I'll be back on form in the summer and will have enough metalwork in my neck to set off airport metal detectors.

    I'll try to keep you all updated with what's happening.

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    Fraser, so sorry to hear that. Most certainly you will be in our prayers, and wishing you a completely successful surgery and recovery.
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    Hi there Matey, so good to hear from you even though the news isnt that good. I hope that everything goes well for you when you have the surgery and please do keep us up to speed with how you are getting along. My best wishes for your health issues Matey take care.
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    Smile Get well soon


    So sorry to hear that news. Keep the faith my friend.. it is going to get positive.

    See ya when ya get better...

    A prayer never hurts either. We shall for you.


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    Dear Neil, I know this must sound insane, but picture this tumor in your mind growing smaller and releasing itself from your spine. Picture it going away. Maybe a war with the immune cells destroying it. This has worked and there are documentaries on this very thing. The mind is very powerful.
    An inuit man once fell into icy water and was trapped for many many hours-I cannot remember the exact time. He was taught by his ancestors to transform his mind. So instead of giving up-he visualized himself as a polar bear. When the people found him and took him to the hospital, the physicians were in shock that nothing was wrong. No frost bite, nothing.
    Think on things that are good dear friend and you are in my prayers as well for you, Sue, and the surgeons.

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    Dear Neil, I'm so sorry for such a challenging battle You're going to face, although I do firmly believe You'll overcome this too, in the best of the ways.
    Be assured that my most heartfelt prayers will go on till Your full recovery. Unfortunately You don't live exactly round the corner to possibly visit You, but consider I would have taken time to do this if it would have sincerely liked.
    Don't worry about the metal detector is the least of the problems, I can assure, I tested now that I'm a jammer myself too since some time (because of an almost deadly occurrence which could be fortunately avoided afterwards by a pace-maker, although the situation evolved later on the other side, unfortunately, and I'll have to change to a bipolar model sooner or later). Moreover some nice scar may also add to the charm and I know what I mean because I look like a crusade veteran after a number of unlucky events all linked together and caused by a wrong diagnosis decades ago leading me through many life-risky situations (and some pains).
    But I'm still standing and so I wish and strongly believe will be for You!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    I'm heartened by this news Fraser. It is a complex situation. Stay calm and think positively. Seek information of all the details, so you can collaborate in the best way possible for a good surgery and a speedy recovery. I wish you all the success, which will certainly happen. W'll see you soon dear friend.

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    Neil my Friend............. you will be OK...........believe it ...........and accept all the good wishes sent from all here and I know it will all work out well for you. I don't pray, but I do believe in good and bad and everyone here will send you only good. You'll be fine Neil!
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    Best to you

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    We wish you well and are thinking of you and yours
    Try to see as many angles of vision as single one of us has a "handle" on the whole picture.

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    Dear Niel, thank you for letting us know. I send you all best thoughts for a successful surgery and a hasty return to vigor and well being. May all the healing forces, from wherever they emanate, be with you.

    All the best from one friend across the world to another. You have many of them. You can rest assured we are standing in your corner, and our good thoughts wish you well.

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