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Thread: o....hope AR could get better.

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    o....hope AR could get better.

    1. brushed should add a “merge” option, though this could be seen as to melt the color with the lower layer, but actually this option means to imitate the effect of the drying part.
    2. add “shape” option to the “brush tips”, which could make better results to imitate thick touch. And also the shape option should include “customize shape”.
    3. add pressure option to the color palette, as to control the volume of color you get from the color palette each time, and be showed as the thickness of the touch on the canvas.
    4. add “merge” option to “palette knife”. Just like merge a melting chocolate.
    5. in this version, the canvas is too small. Should add a “move canvas” option to the right click to enlarge the working area. If AR could perfectly imitate the way of merging colors on a real palette, working with “pressure” and “adjustable size of brush tips”, then users could do multiple colors with one touch.
    6. add “minus thickness” option to “palette knife”.
    7. hope AR could support Wacom art pen’s tilting and rotating.
    8. add multiple language system, as to make convenience to users all over the world.

    these suggestions maybe little bit too un practical. I just got those ideas when I'm working with it and tring to enhance it's abilities。
    so far that's what I've got~ some may sound insane~ hope AR could get better~

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    well for starters I can answer a few of those points.

    1 & 2. Good suggestions, and I do believe that the team do intend to make overhauls for the oilbrush, including shape dynamics and blendning dynamics.
    3. I'm not convinced this would be an improvement. Maybe I'm kinda biased to how I work, though...
    4. Same as one. The palette knife is surely to undergo changes along the way. This has been stated many time by the dev. team.
    5. I don't understand this one. Care to elaborate?
    5b. This has been suggested before and is also under consideration by the dev. team.
    6. I guess this means you want to remove the thickness of the paint, but not smear at all? Don't know why you want to do that though - maybe you can explain this one further?
    7. AR2.2 already supports tilting and rotation. Just not in all tools. Try and pick the airbrush and play abit with that and you will see.

    Hope this helps - atleast until a dev. member comes by
    Lead Concept Artist - NDS Denmark

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    5.oh,I made a mistake. Actually, I mean the palette is too small. especially when I'm using custom colors. it'll be great if AR can have a palette like Painter's which can mix the colors.

    6 as to make the painting have more depth perception

    7, it seems it only works on airbrush

    I think 3 is more practical, it'll work better with 2
    for better effect, texture and special effects are truely needed

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