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Thread: Finger Painting

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    Finger Painting

    I have just started painting due to my grandkids and much to my surprise I really enjoy it. I purchased artRage and was shocked at the price (a real value), but I was over whelmed with the complexity of it because I am so new to painting. I also found that it is hard to use your fingers to control everything because of the closeness of everything.

    I found another simple program that was 2 times as expensive and does 1/4 as much but has spaced out controls and is great for simple finger painting. It allows you to become basically familiar with digital painting programs even though it has a kiddie look to it. I am now trying to start using Artrage again and that is why I have come here to learn tips.

    I hope they will think more about touch smart and finger painting in the future and spread the charts just a little bit. Just something to think about.

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    Welcome to the forums! If you're using your fingers and want larger controls, if you're using ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro, these both have scalable interfaces, so you can make the panels larger. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Panels and you can increase the scale of all the panels.

    Alternatively, if you right click on the titlebar or green grip for a panel, you can scale that specific panel up. See page 16 of the Studio or Studio Pro manual 'Panels' for more information on scaling, rotating and using the panels in ArtRage.

    If you're new to using ArtRage, I'd recommend taking a look at the tutorials page at as you may find these useful as well.

    Feel free to post or contact us directly via the support page at if you need any further help.

    Regarding complexity, you can paint with ArtRage right away by selecting the tool you want, choosing a colour and just painting away on your canvas, without accessing any of the advanced settings. The advanced settings are there for when you decide you might want to set up a specific look for your tools. If you're using ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro, you can additionally use presets ( open the presets panel ) to set your tools up for you for specific looks.
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    Sadly I am using 2.6 because I felt I should become more familiar with digital art before getting all the features. Remember this is to entertain my grandkids with and teach them there is more to life than being a football, baseball or basketball couch patatoe.

    I didn't mean the program is complicated for someone that is acquainted with painting but as a beginner it takes a while to figure out the palate ( at least it did me and am still learning) Next month I will upgrade so I can use my fingers and time will take care of the rest.
    Thank you so much for responding

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