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Thread: artrage 3 pro can't read artrage2 files!

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    artrage 3 pro can't read artrage2 files!


    So as the title says...

    arpro3 cant read ar2 files.
    can i do something to change it??
    cuz i have a loot of work there and ...i dont know how to continue with ar pro3 :s

    is there any trick?or something that can "transform" those paintings so i can work with them on ar3?

    thank you!

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    How about exporting from 2 as a psd and then importing back into AR3. You may find you still need to pass it through something like Photoshop, if the compatability remains an issue. I use SKB as well as AR3 and despite them both exporting psd's sometimes each doesn't like the other's version of it, but putting it into Photoshop (I have old version7) or PhotoPlus, and resaving under a new name does the trick.

    edit - NB - you will lose AR specific layer details but stuff like layer blending modes etc should be saved.
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    Make sure you're using a current full version of ArtRage 2 ( Artrage 2.6 ), and just in case, the current full version of Studio Pro ( 3.0.8 ). If you're using the demo version of Studio Pro, there are limits on the size of paintings ( 1280 x 1024 ), so that could prevent you from opening larger Artrage 2 files.

    Make sure that you are opening the painting files via File -> Open Painting in ArtRage Studio Pro and that they are .ptg ( ArtRage painting ) files, while it sounds like they almost definitely are from your post.

    If you still can't open the files in ArtRage Studio Pro, reopen them in ArtRage 2.6 and save them again first. I'm able to successfully save files from 2.6 and open them in 3.0.8.

    If you find you still can't open the files, let us know exactly what you're seeing including the full text of any error messages you get when you try and open them in ArtRage Studio Pro as that may be useful in working out what the problem might be.
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    weeeell !!!

    after some days of trying to find out why i cant do that,got tired a lot!

    So i uninstall artrage 2 and install it again. I open all my paintings 1 by 1 and save them again.
    After that I install artrage3 and then i could see all my paintings.
    Maybe i was missing some files or i had some older version.
    To tell you the truth i have no idea what was wrong,but im happy that i got my paintings now!
    AR 3 is way better that 2 ,and i already transformed lot of my work in proggress with it.

    Thanks for this amazing software!
    I have try out lot of progz for drawing...but there is nothing to compare with AR 3
    Traditional fine art can be true with it and only!

    Thanks thanks thanks!

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