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Thread: can anyone advise on best input devices?

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    Mar 2011

    can anyone advise on best input devices?

    Hi, I'm so new I haven't yet downloaded the app
    I write humorous poems for my children and I've started creating pictures uisng images from the web in Powerpoint, then saved as BMP, then use them as wallpaper on the pcs at home...... I have some characters and images in mind to draw to go with my poems and some short stories i've also written.
    So that what i want to do and I got to this product by a great link from Matt McElligott who rates it and i rated his illustrations.

    I believe I now need some sort of tablet/pad and a pen so that i can 'draw' without using the mouse?
    I am UK based but can order from anywhere, I don't want to spend a fortune BUT if there is 30 version which is rubbish, 60 version that good for the money and 100+ which is brill.......... I will most likely buy the 60 one.

    Can you recommend brand? product?
    Many thanks,

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    washington, usa

    I think in that price range this would do. Or even better go with a small intuos 4 for about 229 U.S.

    if its not wacom watchout. the cheap ones like Adesso are nightmares.

    this has been asked a lot so you might search previous threads... what kind tablet?
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    hi Bockhamptoner

    I wanted a tablet, but being tight didn't want to pay stupid money for one , so I bought this

    and there are no compaints so far.

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    Mar 2011

    couple more questions :)

    Thank you for the advice, please forgive another question before I spend some dosh.
    I can get the 'pen' version for 45; Touch & pen 65 and Art (small) for 83;

    As I work from home on my laptop all day, I am trying to decide if Touch & pen is best bet for me? will it have uses in Outlook, Excel, note taking etc as well as the artist side of things?

    My second thought was the 'fun' but as far as I can see its the same spec as the T&P but gets me some more software.... I already own Elements 7 and have not upgraded to 8 because the reviews basically said it was very resource heavy for almost no new features..... thoughts on whether the 'fun' is worth the dosh would be appreciated.


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    From the software side of things, a number of Bamboo tablets come with the option of downloading ArtRage in Europe, and this is a full version of Artrage 2.6 or Studio, so it may be worthwhile checking for any of the packages you're looking at. If you're looking at using ArtRage, this could save the additional cost of purchasing it separately.
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    Mar 2011

    Thank you all

    I just bought the wacom touch and pen from Amazon, thank you all for your input.

    I've had a look around for art software and this seems to be about the best for reasonably priced sw. I already know I need the pro because i have always wanted to learn to watercolour, but I'll get practising with the free version and then move up
    I also like the forum, its friendly and helpful
    thanks again

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