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Thread: Great grahic novel project - worthy of support

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    Great grahic novel project - worthy of support

    Hi Guys,

    Just picked news of this great project up from DigitalArtist magazine.

    It's a free online graphic novel - destined to garner a cult following unless I miss my guess. It's certainly worthy of any and all attention it gets. Super artwork and vision, with a solid and intriguing story moving swiftly along, even in this first chapter.

    Scroll down to the video where Daniel Lieske (his Blogspot for those interested ) talks about his hopes to gather enough funding through small contributions from the blossoming band of fans to be able to commit full time to delivering this quicker, as opposed to the part time hours available to him now.

    Well worth a good look and perhaps like me, you may think worth more than that.

    Same magazine issue - At last, a realistic competitor for Wacom's dominance. Hanvon Artmaster III. The largest being 13X8in at the moment and less expensive than the equivalent Wacom from what I've seen. Planning on getting my hands on one when I can, so I'll feed back then. The mag gives it a solid thumbs up.
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    Thanks for good news, Nickillus!
    It was interesting
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    Ha! That is great stuff. Beautifully illustrated and left me wanting more.
    Be well,

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    awesome illustrator and story teller as well. thanks for sharing his work.
    loved the way he opened the whole thing with the beautiful cloud shots.
    his use of color and values and perspective is really amazing.

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