Hi everyone,

I'm an avid user of the Samples Panel for making quick color grabs and saving those colors for use later. Although, many times I like to use the reference image feature as my "color picker". However, this means that I must constantly resort to holding down "Alt", in order to pick up my colors, when I'd rather just click over the image. Now, I know that it can be done using the current color picker, by importing an image into it. The problem with that is, if the imported image wasn't designed for use with the Color Picker, colors can be cropped off by the fan shaped design of the Picker panel. So what to do..?

Well, my suggestion is to have an option on the Right Click menu for the Reference Images, that allows users to invert the moving of the selected reference image, with the color picking shortcut. This would mean, instead of Left Click and dragging to move the Reference around the screen, it would now select the color under the cursor, and Holding Alt and Left Click dragging, would become the method of moving the reference. I'm thinking of this, sort of like how the Stencils have different "modes" to them. We'd have the "Reference Image Mode", and a "Reference Color Picker Mode". So, to be clear... All the other options of a Reference image would remain intact. Just the image moving and the color selecting, would invert in the "Reference Color Picker Mode".

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