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Thread: dumb newbie question about a portrait canvas

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    dumb newbie question about a portrait canvas

    OK--I've breezed through the manual, I've done a few searches on the forums, I've looked at the FAQ. What I want to do is probably so brain numbingly obvious it's not even documented.

    When I create a new canvas/drawing/file, I want it to be portrait, not landscape. I tried playing around with the W/H settings when I create the file, but all it seemed to do was make a gigantic 'area', with a landscape 'artboard' in it (that kept getting tinier and tinier as I screwed up more).

    I just want a portrait canvas! Like, 36x24 as an example (inches). What am I doing wrong?

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    File > New Painting

    In New Painting pop up box. Select Print Size and then Measure in "Inches" from the drop down and Input 24 in the width box and 36 in height box and click OK
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    Dear Early, Hello!! go to edit , resize painting or canvas, highlight the X on aspect, make the width 50% or whatever then ok, probably other ways to do it but it works for me, welcome and good luck!!!
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    Hi earleymw, and welcome to the ArtRage forums.

    (EDIT) - Whoops... Looks like the others already answered you. Guess I should've refreshed after getting off the phone, lol. I'll leave this up anyway, just in case.(/EDIT)

    Since you didn't specify which version of AR you have, I'll assume you're using ArtRage Studio. I'm guessing that you're using either the Resize the Painting option or the Crop/Expand the Canvas option to make the changes to the size of the canvas. So I'll go over these options, as well as how to set the canvas size when starting a new image.

    Here's how to start a new painting with the proper size (Remember... This method is for when you're starting a new painting, so save any unfinished work you may have open at the moment):
    1 - Select File and select New Painting.
    If you had been working on the canvas before this step, a prompt will pop up at this point asking if you'd like to save your work. Do so now, if needed.
    2 - On the New Painting panel, select Print Size.

    3 - Input the Height and Width you'd like for the image.
    You may also select a canvas type and edit it's grain, roughness, opacity, etc. at this point.
    4 - Click okay to finish.
    The second method uses Crop/Expand the Canvas. This option can be used after you've started a painting. It expands the work area, without warping or rescaling the painted areas, and gives you options as to where you'd like the painted area located on the rescaled work area. Here's what to do:
    1 - Click on Edit and select Crop/Expand the Canvas.

    2 -On the Crop/Expand the Canvas panel, select Print Size, Uncheck the Preserve Original Aspect option (this is the part I think you may have been overlooking), and then set the Width and Height you want to change your canvas size to.

    3 - After inputting the sizes, you may adjust where the painted area appears on the rescaled canvas, either by dragging the image around within the Preview Window, or by selecting one of the options from the Menu Tab (square tab with four grey lines on it, located near the preview window).

    4 - Click OK to finish.
    The final method is using the Resize the Painting option. This option works in a similar fashion to the Crop/Expand the Canvas option. The big difference is that affects the entire painting, rather then just the canvas. So it can enlarge or shrink the image painted on the canvas, rather then just rescaling the canvas around the painted areas. Here's how to do it:
    1 - Click on Edit and select Resize the Painting.

    2 -On the Resize the Paintingpanel, select Print Size, Uncheck the Preserve Original Aspect option, and then set the Width and Height you want to change your canvas size to.

    3 - Click OK to finish.
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    hy earleymw, you can also add a custom preset (width, height, canvas settings)
    to do so, go to file --> new painting .. fill in your desired settings, then click on the menu button on the right side --> add new size preset
    now each time you open ArtRage you'll be able to use this custom preset by clicking on the menu button and selecting your preset in the drop down menu

    hope that helps, have fun!
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