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Thread: Autumn at the Cottage

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    Thank you, coops, semd74, mannafig, D key for your comments its much appreciated.

    D key, yes I do love working on the ipad. I used to do all those things, embroidery, tapestry, sewing, drawing and painting and airbrushing custom vehicles. I only bought the Ipad to read books and keep in contact with friends while away from home. I have no central vision left so lots of things I can't do anymore, then I came across ArtRage. Its brilliant I can enlarge the screen as much as I like and paint and draw again I don't make a mess, when I make a mistake I just delete it.
    ArtRage on the Ipad is so easy to use, it has the main tools that you would have available if you were using the real brushes and paints, they react the same without the mess, I love it.
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