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Thread: Is digital art inferior to handmade art ?

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    Germany but I am Dutch....

    Is digital art inferior to handmade art ?

    As I have been showing off my paintings made with Artrage on a dutch horse forum I got a very nasty remark last week.

    Up to a few weeks ago I made my drawings and paintings with real paint and pencils by hand. So I know if I am capable of doing this for real or not.
    When I started with Artrage I found out that if I could not draw or paint before for real, it is not like if you buy a tablet and Artrage, that all of a sudden anyone can paint or draw anything they want.
    Of course some things are easier than the real thing, I do not need to clean brushes and it is easier to create backgrounds which are instant dry due to layer technic. And of course we have instant dry oilpaint and so on but you still need to draw evenrything by hand, is my opinion. And the trace-option can make a difference. So can the redo and undo button make some things easier.

    So as I had done two of these paintings to well I suppose, somebody accused me of doing some photoshopping on a picture and lying about making every stroke myself with a tablet.

    That made me wondering.....And as I have seen here, there are many real and prooven artists here who also have painted by hand for years and some still do.
    What is your opinion about this ? Is this kind of Art or making of an artpiece inferior in any way to the real thing ?

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    Dear Vanity, this has been a hot topic off and on for a bit, and I too have felt the sting of a few comments here and there along with some artists here. Skylar is a very accomplished and talented artist he wrote something about this too.
    Last fall I at a fair I talked with a painter displaying her paintings. She was also an art teacher. I told her that I loved painting, but haven't touched a canvas in three years. I had fallen head on in love with digital painting. I received this strange expression as soon as the words "digital" escaped my lips. She made the comment that I needed to go back.
    I paint for my personal pleasure and relaxation. It is convenient for me, and if I want I can print it out.
    Inferior? I think not....the understanding it takes to using the software in the first place and the skill in using it shows a superiority in many respects in my opinion.

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    Is Digital Art inferior to handmade art??

    Erm no, because all art is handmade. The difference is in the tools being used to create the art or image. Some choose to use old tools, some choose to use modern tools, just like in photography.

    The same set of skills and knowledge are required to produce a decent image using old or moden tools and anyone who thinks they are not are probably living in Twilight Zone.

    Maybe these people should be reminded that, oil in a a tube, acrylic paint, synthetic brushes and so on are recent introductions to the art world and in no way is art produced by these modern tools considered inferior to the old grind your own pigment and apply with finger or nearest branch, feather or hair plucked from hogs backside.
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    I had to take my iPad to our Art Guild monthly meeting and show the members I did paint indeed paint each stroke.

    They were amazed and a few bought the iPad and Artrage after that.

    I also had to fight tooth and nail to get a "digital art" category in the juried Christmas show.

    Is it inferior. No. But you're not going to convince purists of that so why bother. It's like the argument going on with books versus ebooks.

    In 200 years, we'll be the "Masters" and people will be singing our praises because they will be painting on something even cooler than we have now.
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    Everyone has an opinion and I've seen both sides too. I've had some negative responses and some very very good responses.

    I haven't picked up a paper / pencil sketchbook or canvas and paint in at least a year and I'm quite happy and I don't really care what others think about how I complete my work. I do both types and I own paint, canvas, paint thinner, tons of brushes, colors, pencils, markers... ect.

    I enjoy not having to worry about cleaning up messes, or replacing old tools for new ones and spilling paint on my rental floor (to lose a security deposit that costs more than the carpet...) or having the dogs knock over my freshly painted canvas (which can never be fixed or painted over...) or the cats jumping up on the table and then sliding across the table splattering paint and everything all over the walls. (yes, I've had some adventures... )

    As others have said, this is a brilliant artistic tool made by very talented and creative folks and perhaps some of those who make bad remarks need to actually sit down and watch someone work with the tablet and computer. It's not as easy as everyone thinks and we have to learn how to manipulate those tools to make things look the way they do.

    I have been lucky in that my family is very supportive of my digital art and they find it "magical" that I can make something on the computer that looks just the same as something I made with a canvas.

    I was quite pleased with Skylar's response to those who naysayed his beautiful works. He basically told them that if they posted their images on the web, that actually makes their work digital too... which means that they could do anything they want to it before posting and we'd be none the wiser. Very entertaining and I will remember that when I get hit with a negative response that my work is less because of it's digital nature.

    Keep doing things how you find them enjoyable and remember the ones who enjoy and love your work because those are the true fans.

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    Is a writer not an artist if he uses a pc or typewriter?
    Should he be considered an artist if he only wrote with pen?

    Is a cook in a modern kitchen not using a microwave-oven?
    Is he not a cook by using it?

    Are teachers not teachers if the class is using an Ipad instead of books
    for homework and have the computer calculate progress and skills?
    or using a digital board instead of a blackboard and chalk?

    Art is art when its intended to be art not more and not less

    At least ArtRage is good for prototyping and exercising your skills and you can always create a traditional version of it


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    Art is art, the tools may vary, but the creative process is the same; what is conjured in the mind makes its way to a canvas, a block of marble, a cave wall, a sidewalk, a wall, etc. There are those who will be naysayers no matter what. They just want to feel superior to someone. I guess that is their form of creativity. That being said, just keep on using the tools that make your creativity happen and be happy about it.

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    Germany but I am Dutch....
    I can't agree with all of you more on this...You all did put it so nicely into words. That gives a totally other perspective on what art is than some other people think. And it's is straigthend out for myself as well.
    I got a liitle insecure at first thinking I should proove what I can do. So I did show them my work on paper, but some of them still did not believe that I made that by hand.

    As I have been drawing and painting someones horse or dog or boat, the first thing I thought was, should I draw or paint less accurate so that someone can see "mistakes" and say okay.....this is handmade, though digitally drawn ?
    But now, with all these answers, I know what to say next time thanks for all your anwers and perspectives !

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    Camstudio. If they don't want to take your word for it, make them look foolish, by giving them the step by step process.
    Nothing is easy to the unwilling.

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    SOS, does camstudio work on Windows 7 as well?

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