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Thread: thin watercolor strokes look blocky

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    thin watercolor strokes look blocky

    hy there,

    since yesterday I noticed that thin watercolor strokes on dry paper look as if there was no anti-aliasing at all
    doesn't happen with strokes on wet paper, those look ok to me.

    I've attached some examples showing what I mean - all done with default watercolor presets, default settings, paper Cel, canvas size 1748x1240px, 300 pixels/inch (my custom preset).

    I'm using ArtRage 3.0.8 Studio Pro on Windows XP with a Wacom Intuos4L, driver version 6.1.6-7.
    pen sensitivity of my grip pen is set to rather hard than soft - I noticed when changing to very soft, the strokes don't show the blocky behaviour because they are much bolder than with the hard settings I prefer to use, but then I'm not able to paint thin strokes anymore, so I don't want to change these pen settings.

    I tried to change the ArtRage input device settings (WinTab, InkServices, Precise Tablet on/off) but with some settings I didn't get any pen pressure at all.

    so ... any ideas on how to get smoother looking thin watercolor strokes?

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    Yeh does it with mine too. Not that I really noticed until you pointed it out. I don't think its a problem, may be just the way the program is.

    Hopefully the rage team with get back to you on this.

    Happy scribbling.
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  3. I think that's because Cel is clear, so the paper surface has no color of its own for your paint to anti-alias with. Use any other paper.

    The Cel option is very useful when making elements for animation or 2D videogames. Otherwise, when you make the background transparent, you get an unsightly light-colored fringe around everything because the edge of the character has blended into the white background.

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    Try reducing the brush size of the watercolor to paint thin strokes, rather than relying on lighter pressure for thin strokes.
    With a smaller brush size the accuracy of the brush head is increased.
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