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    Guerrero Taino

    Sorry I know it's not finished but here i can get more feedback since the work in progress board is empty.

    I wanted to have objects\animals come out of the hair.

    I was in flow-mode then some colleges came so I had to interrupt my work. Now I'm stuck. And the more time that goes by the more I worry about not finishing =S hehehe weird eh?

    Anyways... Whats your opinion... feedback... comentaries
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    I think it's pretty wild and love the colors. My thought is "just get back in there, give it a go, and see what happens."
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    Experiment, undo, redo, tweak it and get the muse back.. looking good so far. You can copy it, flip it facing each other and look at it.....don't like it. hit the undo.......AR is great for getting ideas to flow.............TJ

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    I've found at times that just walking away from it for a bit something will hit me. That being said, really like what you got going so far!
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    Being interrupted in you're "in the zone" (so to speak) can be annoying. Saying that, what you've done so far is beautiful! I'll echo what was said before, just go with it and play around, have fun.

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