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Thread: Problem when using tablet in portrait mode

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    Problem when using tablet in portrait mode

    I use my wacom graphic tablet in portrait mode, and set the options so that the upper part corresponds to the screen (so that I have no deformation of the proportions), but artrage seems to overdrive these settings and apply an all screen/all tablet unmodifiable option. The result is that I have a very big proportions problem when drawing.
    Of cours I could resolve the problem in using my tablet in landscape mode but I have not the place to do so.
    Please make the soft use the wacom settings, or make the soft settings modifiable. It is a very fast drawing soft so it would be a shame I couldn't use it properly because of such a ridiculous problem.
    Thank you!

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    Try using ArtRage with it's 'mouse mode' setting switched on.
    See this post for details:
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