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Thread: Export transparency png

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    Export transparency png

    Is there any way to export transparency png in ipad version?

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    Hi there,

    There isn't a way to do that directly currently, but what you can do is drag the ArtRage paintings ( PTG ) files from your apps tab in iTunes to your desktop computer where they can be opened in the desktop version of ArtRage.

    Then, set the canvas opacity to 0% and export the document as a PNG with transaparency ( or right click on individual layers to export via their menu if you want to export that layer only )
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    It would be VERY helpful if you could save as either PSD or transparent PNG - as an old sketchbook user I assumed that the PNG would be transparent and I ended up with useless files and got really late with a deadline..

    (I use artrage iPad for making nice notes and text bubbles for magazines.. Result looks better than sketchbook). I don't want to fool around with the desktop version of artrage as that's another step to my workflow..

    please add!! The latest update is much improved on zoom speed, great work!!

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