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Thread: Question about knife behavior

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    Question about knife behavior

    I have noticed that when I turn pressure down on a palette knife, specifically the left 2 ...edge and flat, if there's any paper texture there, knifing makes the texture fade, in addition to smearing pigment.

    on a real canvas, if I smear lightly with a knife, I don't believe the canvas' texture underneath would would depend how much pigment is there...

    any thoughts?


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    Smile canvas texture fading.

    I would think that because of the lack of pressure more paint is being left on the canvas in one spot and covering up the textures. makes sense don't you think?

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    I'm not 100% sure what you're referring to, could you possibly attach a sample image showing the high pressure and low pressure behavior you're getting with a couple of notes, perhaps with the flat palette knife and I can double check that for you.
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