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Thread: Extensions used for exports and imports

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    Extensions used for exports and imports

    I downloaded a demo a while ago and "save as" only has one option for file type. I wondered if it is disabled partially.

    My real question: Does anyone know file extensions to import and export ART Rage doc with? Before I buy it I would like to know if it is compatible with some of my extisting programs.

    Some where in the forum, someone mention .abr with photoshop. What versions?

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    If you're using ArtRage Studio Pro demo, the export function is limited to .jpg in the demo. In the full version you can export to the following image formats:

    jpg, png, psd, bmp, tif

    If you want to preserve layers and work between programs, PSD is a good format to use. ArtRage files contain additional information about paint thickness, paint wetness, reflectivity etc so it's always worthwhile keeping a copy of your work in native PTG ( ArtRage ) format.

    Photoshop brush files ( .abr ) can be imported in ArtRage Studio Pro, to be used with the sticker gun tool. You can do this by selecting the sticker gun, opening the presets panel, then clicking the preset panel menu button. You'll see an option 'import photoshop brush'. This is available in the demo version so you can check compatibility with any abr files you have.

    Moving this to a new thread as the old one is out of date ( 2006 )
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