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Thread: My first ArtRage sketch

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    My first ArtRage sketch

    I have been admiring all of your artwork for a few mo. now. I purchased ArtRage about a month ago and cannot say how much I just love it. My eyes glaze over when I have tried to learn Photoshop so this was another concern before buying, but it is so user friendly. My husband is a Photoshop wiz and doesn't understand ArtRage and I am the opposite, I get ArtRage and am lost with photoshop. I think you have to have some knowledge of what the mediums do to understand. I have always loved to draw and paint since I can remember and have recently started a business selling my artwork. Before I purchased the program I never imagined I could paint or draw on the comp. actually thought it may be impossible for me, did not seem natural, but to my suprise I can do it and I have a blast. I love the stencils and have been making my own like crazy. Anyway I love sketching and here is my first attemp at sketching on ArtRage. I plan on painting it with watercolor and having the sketching show through, but love the look of pencil alone. So here it is...
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    Hi sunflowermmhg,

    That looks terrific, Well done!!

    regards Colin

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    Fantastic!!! Congrats! I think AR is the most "Friendly" of all the programs.
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    Oh yes! You definitely "get it!" Superb drawing!

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    Wow ! Nice. I started a year ago with a portrait of Bruce Springsteen.

    But this is a lot cooler. Love it!
    Keep drawing!

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    Looks like you are having fun with Artrage Sunflower and giving us enjoyment too. This is a great sketch and looking forward to seeing lots more
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    Thank you everyone for all the nice comments and the welcome. Yes I am having a blast with this program, the possibilities are endless.

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    Great work with your Owl! Artrage really is a nice program to use isnt it

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    This is really cute! Keep up the good work

    and yes, I definitely agree on your comment on ArtRage being more user-user friendly than Adobe softwares. I'm saying this even from a perspective of designer who use them everyday..there's always a learning curve to those complex applications (but you do get good results from them)

    ArtRage is a totally different animal (artrage as an animal? what can that it? kitty? haahha) Anyone who comes from using traditional tools and know how each medium work will sure appreciate ArtRage more.

    Photoshop sometimes give a photoshoppy look, but ArtRage gives a very-close-to-the-real-thing look
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