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Thread: NEW Forum Users: personal ART Gallery

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    Question NEW Forum Users: personal ART Gallery

    I have been asked by many new members how and where to create their user gallery. Gee, it has been a while and I can't remember.

    To get to my gallery I have to goto a post I made and click on my screenname and select see Gallery uploads and once there I can upload.

    Also the main page gallery upoads> do they go into your private gallery? I do not think so.

    Any info here, I want to add this info to the magazine for all new forum members. How to create your own gallery.

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    Ok, the easiest way is to click on the link bar at the top of the page where it says "Gallery." Then you click "upload" and upload a piece of art (must be 500 KB or less in size). The website will automatically make your gallery for you. To get to it, you can either click the number in a post you've made in the forums or you can find it via the alphabetical list in the gallery home page.

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    The Forum Gallery space and the user Gallery are two separate things. Images shown in the Forum Gallery will not appear in the User Gallery, nor will the images shown in the User Gallery automatically appear in the Forum Gallery. You'll note that I said, "automatically" for that last part, and that is because images uploaded to a Users Gallery section are given shareable links, which may be used to display the image in other locations, without the need of uploading, or attaching, the image again.

    Basically, if you're looking to get feedback on a single image of completed work, with an intent of having friendly conversation about it, displaying the image in the Forums Gallery section (by attaching it to a newly created thread) would probably be the best option. This is because the users who post replies to your work in the forums, are more likely receive notices that replies have come back to their discussion, and can reply back in turn.

    The User Gallery is a good way of showcasing everything you've created, in one area. Users are still able to comment on these images, but they aren't really set up for discussion type conversations. Again, it's best advantage to a user is that it displays all of ones work in a single spot, for everyone to enjoy, and easily look through.

    If one wishes to display an image in both areas, I'd probably opt for uploaded directly to the User Gallery. That way, one needs only deal with a single upload, because the user can simply copy the link information, and share it within a newly create thread in the Forum Gallery. This would also save space on the ArtRage servers (even though they graciously do not limit their members on the amount of their uploads).

    As for how to create a "User gallery", I want to say it's simple as just joining the forums. Once a user has created an account here, one should have a User Gallery. At least I think that's how it works. I don't remember having to do anything special for one. I simply clicked on the Gallery link at the top of the forums page, and it brought me to the gallery, where it was just a matter of clicking on "Upload", which brought up the upload page. Fill in the information (don't forget to select "ArtRage User Galleries" for the category), click submit, and one will have an image on display. After that, clicking on the "My Stuff" link, and selecting "My Images" will open a gallery of ones personal work.

    Here is the Official Announcement Thread, made for the User Galleries, when the area was first opened for member to use. It has additional information on how to use the area, written by DaveRage.
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