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Thread: Changing Pan to an alternate button

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    Changing Pan to an alternate button

    I'm trying to get the right click button to be available for StrokeIt commands, as I'm using a tablet pc without buttons or a keyboard. I still want to use the pan option, but I just want to have the option of changing it to something else, like the other button on my pen, so I can use the right click button for other things. I see that I can change all other sorts of commands, depending on what I want them to be. Can I do this with pan= right click? Can I change it to something else. It's awefully detrimental to using Artrage on a Tablet PC, which is strange, as Artrage is set up so well for use on a Tablet in every other way.

    Hope you can help me. Thanks!

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    Unfortunately that option can't be changed in ArtRage currently as it's a modifier key as opposed to a keyboard shortcut.

    ArtRage was originally set up to work well on the TabletPC, which is why we use right click for panning, as the original Microsoft TabletPC specification was for right click and a specific button ( enter I believe ) on the TabletPC bezel when the keyboard was unavailable.
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    Ugh. What a pain on that one. Well, guess I'll make do. It would be nice in the next version if I could change that if I needed to. Much more functional for gestural commands. My two cents.

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    I wanted to chime in on this. I would love an update with the option to change the Pan shortcut, because Right-Click also toggles "Clear Canvas Mode" it is causing problems with my expresskeys on my Wacom. Or at least/in addition to allow the option to disable Right-Click for "Clear Canvas Mode"

    Here's the problem and sort of fix (if anybody else found this thread because of a similar problem)

    I had a key set to SPACEBAR so that I could hold that and drag with my stylus to pan (never really trusted the default Wacom Pan/Scroll). But more than half the time, if I did that, it would toggle Clear Canvas Mode and NOT allow me to pan.

    I thought that adding a new shortcut for Clear Canvas Mode (which strangely is defaulted to 'blank' instead of showing Right-Click or Enter) would disable the Right-Click, but it didn't.

    I was able to fix it (close enough for jazz) by setting that key to RIGHT-CLICK instead of SPACEBAR. It still toggles Clear Canvas Mode, but at least it lets me pan.

    [P.S. Steve B, crazy coincidence you had just tried to help me on my very first thread yesterday about my Wacom driver issues, this forum must be a small world. And thanks by the way, your quick response was very much appreciated even though my problem persisted. It's sort of fixed, btw, at least enough to allow me to get some work done. ]


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