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Thread: I Lost My Oil Brush Presets... and other goodies

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    Unhappy I Lost My Oil Brush Presets... and other goodies

    3.0.8. Studio Pro, iMac 27, 4G Mem, Wacom Bamboo Touch,

    I downloaded a BUNCH of goodies from the "Art Supplies" Forum yesterday, (Man I can't believe how much support you guys give.) and I don't know,... when I went to install them, I must have goofed something up cuz now I don't have any "Brush Head" Presets and worst of all I lost my favorite "Pedzel".

    Everything is still in the "Settings" Panel, but gone from the "Presets".
    All of the "Oil Brush" factory presets are gone so I suspect I really messed something up.

    I tried reinstalling presets but the only color they put down is RED despite what I've picked in the color picker.

    I've looked everywhere I can think of but just can't find the answer to this one. Sorry for the bother!

    Am I going to have to reinstall ArtRage 3 to get them back?
    If so can I save all my customized settings?

    Thanks for all your help in advance.
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    That's an interesting one! I can't think of anything offhand which would easily remove the default tool presets on OS X as they exist inside the ArtRage application bundle, but we should be able to work out what's going on and help with that.

    If you close the presets pod with the oil brush selected, is there a number displayed in the presets pod? That would indicate how many presets exist for the tool.

    If you then open the presets panel, the top button should be 'Group:' with the current group displayed. Check that this is 'Oil Brush' for the default presets. If it isn't, click it, then select 'Oil Brush' from the list and you should see your default presets. Check whether your other presets exist in the other groups ( it sounds unlikely from your post ) and let me know.

    If you don't have your factory oil brush presets, reinstalling ArtRage should certainly bring them back. If it doesn't, I'd recommend doing a permissions check with disk utility to make sure that you don't have a permissions problem.

    As for the additional presets, I'd be happy to help with any problems to make sure it all works as it should. I've written a guide for downloading and installing additional content here:

    If you find you're having problems, let me know the new content you're having trouble installing, including the thread you got it from if possible either here or via email at and I can advise. I hope that's of some help!
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