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Thread: Thank you list

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    Thank you list

    This is a post to all the members that have commented on my work. I've been
    trying to send thank you e-mails to every one but I'm unable to. So here goes.
    ( Byroncallas ) ( Lima ) ( Wenkat ) ( Heikki ) ( Gzairborne ) ( Juz ) I'm giving
    you all a Big THANK YOU for the interest and comments. I hope that this will
    work and that it doesn't piss anyone off. Lima as to your wondering about
    the size of the image, it's printable size is around 6 x 3 ft at 300 dpi. The byte
    size is around 1.5 gigs. All of my work is on the large side of digital painting.
    The prints that I sell are mostly down sized to about half the working file size.
    I hope this answers some of your questions. And again a BIG THANK YOU to
    all of you. THANKS Noel Ps: I just finished a painting that has taken me a year
    and two computers to complete and once I've figured how to post it with some
    details I will put it up. Also if anyone can help with my problem on e-mailing
    to thank members, that would be great.

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    Hi Noel,

    If you were trying to send private messages via the forums, this was probably not working as the forums don't allow new users to send private messages until they've been using the forum for a while. This was done due to a number of people who signed up then sent advertising messages to other users. I've updated your account so that should work correctly for you now, but if you have any problems feel free to email me at and I should be able to sort it out for you.
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    Noel, thank you.

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    You can goto user control panel and set it to notify you when you sign in online ( to the ar forums) and send you an email when you have a new PM Personal Message too.

    PS> most of us just say thanks in the origianal thread as a new post to it...

    Also, there is no way to send members an email, unless they give you their email address.


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