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Thread: program removed.

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    program removed.

    well, my kids like to create beautiful drawings on the ipad with ArtRage. One of them got a little over zealous trying to open the program last month and accidentally erased it. I've since reinstalled, but my question is the following. Is there a way to recover the artwork that was lost? For my future reference, what is the best way to backup these masterpieces?

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    Oh, SAD...... But GREAT QUESTION. Every time I complete a painting I save a copy to the photo album, you could email it to yourself also from the AR gallery but I think the best way is to physically hook your iPad to your desktop machine, while it's syncing go to the apps tab, find Artrage and all your paintings are stored there. I drag them out to my "Artrage" folder and you can then open them in Artrage on your home machine finish them up or whatever.

    Good luck and It's nice that you share your toys with the kids.
    Susan Murtaugh satisfied user (ArtRage)

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