If anyone runs into this problem as I did.
Firefox is no longer supporting upgrades to many plugins.
you may lose your inline pdf viewer.

here is a great plug in that allows intel and ppc macs to view pdfs online in the firefox browser. Maybe Safari too. But it is great for firefox.


one download link is for ppc macs OS 10.4+
the other is for intel based macs

Do not purchase the license. That is for corporations. Just click that it
is for individual use or for schools it is also free.
This is a free plug in for individuals. You can read any pdf including the artrageus magazine or other pdf tutorials or pdf articles
inside your browser.
One click of the diamond toolbar button and the pdf is opened outside your browser by Acrobat as is usual for pdfs.

It will also open a pdf right from dropbox inside your browser.

Is quite a beautiful plug in. The background mat board is lavender. It works quickly, smoothly and as far as I can tell flawlessly for viewing pdfs.