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Thread: Summers End

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    Summers End

    "I CURSE YOU MONET!" Did I just say that? Anyway, here is a feeble attempt at... well... I'm not sure what this would be considered. I guess it would be considered a realist's attempt at impressionism (and trust me, the two do not tango!). Hope all is well with everyone. Thanks for checking it out!
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  2. Looks amazing - I adore the colour palette you've used. I think you've done a great job at merging the brush style of Impressionism with the shapes and forms of realism, with the palette balanced somewhere in the middle. Great job!

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    Hi Eddie, YOU POSTED !!!

    Well, you know it's really quite a good painting. An easy way out of your dilemma is not try to fit it into any kind of style and just call it a Sketchism, and instantly it has an artistic home. The colors are beautiful, the brush work is fascinating, it has a terrific mood, and is visually moving. It's quite a fine painting that is a departure from your more super realism. And I find it a wonderfully pleasant departure. Great job in my book. The style begs for more works in a similar vein. You are on to something good.

    It's great to see one of your paintings again - for me it's been a long while. Meanwhile, send us a panting of the newly painted house, or a least a picture.

    All best thoughts,
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    Dear Sketch, maybe the time it took from Your last post is eloquent of the struggle You had with impressionist style. The result, though, don't show the battle and is as stunning as excellent.
    Personally I tend to have the same difficulty with that style, but I have the luck not to be excessively impressed by impressionist masters myth, because we had also other forms of synthetic painting styles or color inter-plays masters here in Italy and elsewhere in Europe since Tiziano (Titien) and through the Macchiaioli, so I don't have them as almost unique reference or idols, thus when I try to paint fresh and spontaneous I'm not obliged to strictly emulate one of them and I can be more free. That's my advice for You too ...
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    Whatever style you wish to call it, this is superb!

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    This is absolutely fantastic whatever style you wish to call it I love it
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    So beautiful. the light, the mood, the colors, the detail, the shimmering water, excellence!!!

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    It is impossible to me to say which one of your brilliant paintings is my favorite. Each time I view a new one, I am bowled over. Beautiful, always a winner dear Eddie!

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    Sketch, I love this painting, the colors are wonderful, I would hang this on my wall, it is beautiful

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