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Thread: change background colour

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    change background colour

    i'm working on a piece and i dont like the background do i change it..i'm pretty sure ive done this before with a separate layer but for the life of me i can't remember how i did it lol
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    DO you mean the background colour for the image - in which case just create a layer at the base and use the 'bucket fill tool' with your chosen hue.

    Or if you mean the background workspace colour, choose the colour you want to change it to first, then click somewhere on it while holding alt (I'm on a pc - Use the equivalent colour sample keystroke for Mac I think) - the colour will change to that.
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    The background color can be changed by changing the color of Canvas: go to View - Canvas Settings. A windows appears, and on the left click the "Canvas Colour" button and there you can set the background color without adding'n'filling layers...

    Or, if you mean changing the background's color that's drawn already, go to Edit - Adjust Layer Colors and play with settings there
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