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Thread: Another Quake in NZ - Feb 2011

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    Another Quake in NZ - Feb 2011

    Aaaargh!! Just heard news of another substantial quake in NZ. Though a lesser force than the one about 6 months ago, its timing has been less forgiving, with reports talking of multiple deaths and extensive damage, including the cathedral in Christchurch.

    Hope you guys and everyone else down there is OK. Best, best wishes for you.
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    Thanks Nick. While we're well north of the quake area, so haven't been affected ourselves by it, it's a pretty terrible thing to happen just as people in Christchurch were recovering from the last one.

    Best wishes to anyone in Christchurch, or anyone who knows people in that area, hope that you are all alright.
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    Saw it on TV! I'm extremely sorry for this mishap! Pray there would be less casualties and damage!
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    Glad to hear it about you Ragers, but blessings to those who were affected.
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    I just saw this on the news and my first thoughts were to check and see if all you Rages were OK. I'm relieved to see that you are not located in the quake area. My prayers go out to all that have been impacted by this disaster.
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