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Thread: Chloe 4 yrs old

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    Chloe 4 yrs old

    Advise on how i can improve this would be most welcome
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    Good start.
    Try to compare the tonal value in the various areas on the reference (if You used one) and try to reproduce it in the various parts (5 levels from lighter to darker should be enough, the intermediate may be obtained by some blending).
    Consider that, under a normal daylight, base color tend to shift going towards highlights (some yellow added to a lighter base color tone) or shadows (some blue/ green added to a darker base color).
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    I really like this. As Caesar said, a little more emphasis on shadow and highlight would make her face standout.
    Here is a tutorial by Mannafig that I have found to be very helpful. Perhaps you will to.

    A little trick that I stumbled onto (out of necessity) was to put your shadow/highlight on a seperate layer, then use the eraser at a low setting 1 to 3% pressure, and a fairly wide setting to thin the highlight or shadow down to your satisfaction.
    You can also make the shadow or highlight more extreme than you really want, and just "dial it down" by lowering the opacity of that layer, until it's the look you want.
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    Looks delightful so far.
    In addition to Cesare and Barn's suggestions you could also add a darker shade in the background on a separate layer under your portrait it will help her stand out a little more.
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