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Thread: I need help using traditional scans in ArtRage

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    Question I need help using traditional scans in ArtRage

    Hi guys! I'm looking for tutorials to use traditionally made scans in ArtRage.

    Many of my works start as traditional sketches. I draw them with pencil or pen, then i scan them into the computer. Using photoshop, i would color the original drawings, but keep the scanned linework. I would also adjust the levels of the scanned image. Anyone who has used photoshop should know what i'm talking about.

    I'm new at artrage and i'm having trouble finding any tutorials about using scans or combining already existing traditional work with digital. If someone understands what i'm talking about, please help me out or tell me about some tutorials that will help me

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    You might find this thread to be of some use:

    ArtRage doesn't have PhotoShop's advanced color tweaking abilities, but the Studio Pro version allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, and hue of individual layers through the Edit: Adjust Layer Colors dialog box.
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