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Thread: Aspect Too Big, use menu to set position...

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    Aspect Too Big, use menu to set position...

    I am using Artrage Studio Pro 3.0.8 on Windows Vista.

    If I create a painting 800x600 and lets say I need to expand the canvas Center Left by 600 pixels.

    1) Choose Crop/Expand Canvas
    2) Turn Off preserve original aspect
    3) Set the Width to 1400
    4) I then receive the message Aspect too big, use menu to set position.

    Can someone please explain this ?

    Also, is there a quicker way to add these pixels ?


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    There is a window in which you can position the content on the canvas - if selected aspect is too big, you won't be able to use the window to position the canvas, so it tells you to use the menu on the right. Thats all - if you want to add pixels on the both sides of your drawing, choose "Centre" etc.
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