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Thread: Create a good (color) blender

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    Create a good (color) blender


    My name is Bart and I'm quite new at ArtRage so first thing I needed to do is to setup some basic tools for me to work with.

    The standard color blenders didn't quite do the job so I've been playing around to get a good color blender that doesn't mess too much with the details, but does blend the colors. Here is how to set it up. (Sorry, the menu's are in dutch)

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    Step 1. Select the Knive tool
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    Step 2. Open the Tool Settings and select the most right Type: Wet

    Pressure 50%, Falloff 100%
    Drip Size 50%, Drip Spike 0%
    Drip Spread 50%, Colordrag 100%
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    Step 3. Click New Preset in the Presets window
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    Step 4. Give the new preset a name and Click ok
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    Now start using it like in the example and enjoy. If you don;t like it you can always chuck it away can ya!

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    Best Regards and lots of ArtRage fun


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    Smile Thank you !

    Wonderful information in any language. Great blender, Thank You.

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    1,942 well for me !!!
    Try to see as many angles of vision as single one of us has a "handle" on the whole picture.

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    thats very soft blender. I added it. I used a larger brush size than 7 though.

    you might also try the preset called in English hard wet blender.
    I like it very much and use that one often.
    I think you will like that one as well.

    you can see here the settings are close to what you use.

    thanks for the settings.
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    hi all, this may seem a silly question or i have miissed something but are you using studio pro, ive just got studio at the moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by swansong View Post
    hi all, this may seem a silly question or i have miissed something but are you using studio pro, ive just got studio at the moment
    The "Wet" and "Blur" palette knife types, are a Pro only feature, I'm afraid. You won't be able to use them on the normal studio version.
    Nothing is easy to the unwilling.

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    okidoki, ty for your help, il upgrade, thanks again : )

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    Made both these blenders last night and used them to smooth out areas after using the water color brushes. These work sweet. Thanks to both of you for the presets!

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