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Thread: Gallery - quite literally!

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    Gallery - quite literally!

    Hello my fellow ArtRage beauties
    I have a [virtual] exhibition on which features quite a few ArtRage pieces:

    You need to download the Unity browser plugin to see it but I hope it might be worth the hassle!

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    Thats quite impressive. I played with virtual websites when it first came A new way for artists to have their own online virtual art gallery website.

    Are all the artworks done with artrage? I am assuming the 3d is not.???

    I have a few Q... please email me. The Ragers Magazine

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    Dear Sav,
    I followed the link and magically got into Your gallery where I enjoyed to walk all over that virtual wonderland and I stopped and got closer to review many of Your masterpieces.
    Masterful illustrations and painting and a really brilliant idea for an exhibition!
    Congratulations and best wishes for Your activities.
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Thank you Bobbyray and Caesar. A fun thing to do! BR I will send an email.
    Cheers for looking.

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    looks very interesting. won't work on my computer. non-intel mac.

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    Hi Boxy: Long time no talk. Got routed to your site. The work you've posted there is just wonderful. Great.

    When I tried the virtual tour from Unity, my Norton Virus checker said a dll file that the Unity player tried to install was a threat and removed it???? The file was named System.dll which is never a good sign? Could be a bogus catch by Norton, but it ain't gonna let the program install System.dll. Consequently, I can't take the tour.

    Maybe Norton is just chicken?

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    Just one word.........................Amazing!

    Smilies don't count as words!!!!!!!!
    Da go Te'
    Best to you

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    Thank you so much chaps!
    GZ - yes I'm sorry I'll try and look into that - are you still on OsX though? If so I should be able to do a standalone universal build.

    Byron my friend, hello. It has bee too long - I trust all is well. Haven't heard from Nick in a while either now that I think of it! I'm mystified by your message but good catch, I've asked the clever people at Unity to see what is going on there and will get back to you asap.

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    yes OSX 4.11 but I think the problem would be that my graphics card in my G4 is not quartz supported. neither does it core image supported. very lousy graphic cards came in my old G4 AGP. I will have a look on daughter's PC though. should be able to sneak on there.

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    Great Work!

    Hello Boxy!

    The quality of your work and the end result therein is amazing! Thanks for sharing the link!

    Wish you the very best!

    Best Regards

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