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Thread: Problem with Wacom Driver 6.1.6-7

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    Problem with Wacom Driver 6.1.6-7

    I upgraded the driver for the Intuos 4 (6.1.6-7) and the tablet seems to accept the pen input but the display on the tablet does not show the correct display for the buttons. The tablet shows the default display for each of the buttons.
    I tested Painter 11, PS CS3 and they both are showing the correct displays on the tablet. I also rebooted the system and restarted ArtRage obviously. I also turned off the multi-touch options in the ArtRage Preferences->Input Device and restarted ArtRage.

    I am running Win XP SP3 and ArtRage Pro 3.0.8. Its like flying without instruments as I refer to the tablet displays often.


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    ArtRage doesn't interact with the tablet in relation to those buttons in any way, they are entirely controlled by the tablet and its driver and their settings aren't communicated to us.

    I suspect that you had a custom profile for ArtRage in your tablet settings, and updating your driver broke it. We normally advise people to uninstall their first driver, removing all profiles, reboot their machine then install the new driver. This seems to prevent most of the problems that can occur when the driver has issues with settings. Profiles in particular seem to have problems between driver instances.

    If you clear your driver as noted above and set the profile up again, that should return the buttons to the correct state.
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