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Thread: Is the traditional color wheel no longer valid?

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    Is the traditional color wheel no longer valid?

    I'm have no art training; however, I did understand the basics from reading.

    Then I ran across this blog post..

    It's a very interesting read. Can you use the traditional color wheel with digital art; video, print?

    Check it out.

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    Hi there. The color wheel has always been and will always be a useful tool for artists in any medium. But like this terrific article points out, color is a far more complicated matter than the traditional color wheel and the traditional teaching about it suggests. Most art schools will not hesitate in agreeing. There are dozens of wonderful books exploring color and color theory for artists passionate about color. Exploring the world of color and color theory and its applications in different media traditional and digital beyond the useful-but-elementary color wheel is very rewarding and time well spent. It's a rich conversation, intellectually and viscerally satisfying, and full of surprises.

    An interesting feature in Artrage is that it allows two types of color mixing - the RGB of digital color mixing, and "real color blending" from traditional painting. Think what an interesting programing problem this is: using algorithms that are using digital color mixing physics to make it appear that you are mixing real paints and having the mix approximate the colors you would get in real life materialize on your screen. What an incredible intellectual challenge.

    It may not be surprising to discover that a huge amount of industrial talent and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year dealing with the physics of color to result in all the thousands of products and services that have a need to deliver true or specific color in one form or another. Your terrific little inquiry is big business absorbing the time and efforts of millions of people.
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