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Thread: 3x portrait

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    3x portrait

    what do u think - any ideas for improvement?
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    Greetings Dawn,
    Try eliminating the extreme right hand side(viewer's right) of the painting. This will make the painting more vertical and emphasize the faces by creating a diagonal and by doing this it eliminates a part of the painting with no real importance.(it will knock back the value extremes as well)
    You'll know when you get there!

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    thanx ingie - it's so hard to get people to be honest - i want to get it right
    i'll try that and see what happens
    thanx again

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    I like you paint very much Dawn.
    If I had to say something, I find the wall a bit naked. Other than that, looks really good.

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    Nice work!

    Ingie made a good suggestion.

    As to the wall seeming naked -- if you want to keep the shape of the image . . .

    It's hard when in a bed or whatever that is up against a wall to set something behind it, like a plant or something. And the corner of a painting coming in could also look forced.

    If you choose to pursue it, an easy device to break the space up could also be to cast a shadow or gradate it more, with strokes and color. Careful though, to not get the painting feeling clostrophobic or make the gradation distracting.

    One would only know that when seen.

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    It's beautiful.

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    i like this so far. I think you might also look at how your brush strokes are working in the painting overall and whether they all work together. I see at least three distinct types of brush strokes: the rapid strokes on the wall, the clean and simplified strokes on the girl on the left's foot, and the more refined strokes on the faces. They all have a nice quality on their own, but somewhat compete with each other. It would be interesting to see the entire painting done in one stroke style to see what happens. Or even try painting it three times to see which is best!

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