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Thread: The Nice Free One

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    The Nice Free One

    It would be really really really nice if you could make a Free one with Layers and maybe just ONE fun Paint like Metals or Glitter.

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    Awww man ... believe me I can understand if money's tight and I can understand your frustration ...

    But ArtRage is SO worth the $20 they charge. I'm amazed the free version is as powerful as it is, and with no 30-day expiration date or anything like most software of this caliber ...

    Seriously, programs like Painter or Photoshop cost hundreds of dollars, and I've paid for 'em ... ArtRage isn't quite as powerful and full-featured as they are, but proportionately speaking the price is an unbelievable bargain.

    These guys are doing great work, they need support so they'll keep doing it.

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    Of course, I know that the nice men need money.
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    The only other digital painting software i can recommend is Artweaver... not sure if it can do glitters though?... it's no ArtRage but it's free and still in active developement... i hope that helps some..........

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    can i buy little artist a version? is there a way i can do that via interent?

    i spend $20 every weekend on silly stuff, and i'd like to encourage kids to be artistic. this would be a much better use of $20. my parents very much encouraged art when i was growing up, and now i do computer graphics for a living. i don't have kids yet, and i'd really like to do this. and sheesh, it's only $20.

    andyrage, is there a way i can do this? can i paypal you guys, but then you send the program and license to little artist?

    i know i'm taking a chance in trusting the annonymity of the internet - little artist could be a 300 pound convict sitting in a prison library for all i know! but, so what. it's a paint program, not national security secrets.

    anyone that might know how i can do this, please let me know! and little artist, you wouldn't mind, would you?
    if it's not fun, what's the point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little_Artist
    Of COURSE I know the nice men need moeny. But im just a girl. I dont have any money at all. If I had it I would give it.
    I mean 20dollars... everyone has them... or can get them if they really want... even if you live at your parent's ask it for your birthday
    Writing this software took certainly a thousand times more than the time you will need to find 20dollars don't you think?

    Well... Hype seems to have been hooked.
    Not sure all of this will benefit art but at least will benefit Artrage2 ^^

    I've just installed and tried Artweaver... It seems we can do stuff with that... the charcoal is nice also...
    Gimp is also free and powerful... but never tried it.
    Oh well...

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    My circumstances are such that I cannot buy things for myself or for anyone else. And I am unhappy. Nobody could ever ever know unless I told them many things. I only wanted to have some fun; and the freeware isn't fun. But now I feel very ashamed, so please forgive me. I am trying to earn it with a contest, and if I cannot earn it, I know that I do not deserve it.
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    Of course a present would be nice, but dont worry about it. I know that I begged, which was not right. But I am not a 300 pound whatever; I am a petite little law-abiding gal who has never done anyting wrong apart from begging.
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    its good that you are going to depend on yourself, do good in the contest, you have all of us here to help you out

    right guys?

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    Right you are sbug51!

    Little Artist- If you need some encouragement, advice on painting or just need a friendly group to give you a boost, you came to the right place. I have found this community to be the most close knit international group of loving people in my experience on the internet. Don't loose heart young one, there is a universe of possibility before you. It doesn't always come as fast as we wish but keep your head up and continue to forge connections with positive minded people. Keep posting.
    Be well,

    "Teach, Learn, Thrive"~DM

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