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Thread: Website - New Featured Art

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    Website - New Featured Art

    I've just updated the website with some new featured artwork and spotlights.

    The Ambient Design homepage now has Waheed Nasir's christmassy painting, 'December Delights'. You can check out the original thread here

    The ArtRage homepage now features the following:

    One of Alper Türköne's paintings from this thread.

    Rkngel's Christmas Cardinal from this thread.

    Bumble's Meadow (part 2) from this thread.

    I've sent a PM to anyone who's featured artwork is currently credited to their forum name, just in case you'd like me to change it to your real name.

    Thanks again! It's always a pleasure to see everyone's art.
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    i just saw the new features page, ...excellent paintings by all,
    well done guys!

    Draw what you see!....not what you think you see!!
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