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Thread: Where to begin?

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    Where to begin?

    I've been drawing for sometime now and recently decided to give digital painting a try. I bought ArtRage Studio Pro and a Wacom Pen and Touch tablet and have been playing with it a bit. My question is where is the best place to start when learning to paint? Do you start learning value then color theory etc?

    Are there any books that are considered a "must have" for learning to paint?



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    Anyone got any suggestions??

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    The good news is you have been drawing for some time now. So you just need to learn how to master making the lines and brush strokes with the mouse or the tablet pen now. I would suggest using a reference pic to look at while painting and sketch it then paint it. I have heard lots of artists use a value study layer first. There are so many books and web pages out there on drawing and painting. I really don't know about the must have part. there are a lot of tutorials on this site also to look at. One of the best tips I find is draw what you see, not what you think you see.
    I am still learning that one. So an eye becomes more of the lighting around the eyelids that define the form rather than just the almond shape our brains tell us that it is. Looking at famous artists is helpful too. Especially up close to see how brush strokes mimic lighting and form. Of course you can just dive right in and play like the kids do. Have fun. Welcome to the forum.

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    There are soooo many places to learn available now and many of them free. It's really just a matter of where you want to start.

    I've seen many wonderful tutorials here and learned much from many people just by reading and asking questions. "Hey that's really awesome how you got the eyes to look so alive, how'd you do that?" ect.

    Many of the people here will gladly give a quick run through or point you to a tutorial or person that helped them. This forum in particular has been quite a wonderful little community to be a part of.

    There are tons of methods, ideas, videos, pdfs, out there. I would suggest just starting by a web search in the type of place you want to start.

    I search a lot for comic type things, because eventually I want to be able to improve in that area. Pick a spot! Topic, type of media and plop it into a search. You should find something that will help.

    One of the best places I ever went to (besides here) was

    This fellow has a great set of tutorials on a great many things and also covers a lot of basic things needed for drawing and composition that can also be applied to other types of medium. Latest thing he covered was about the multiply mode (it's like the third post down now.) It was quite a great lesson for me, as I had no clue really what the function did. Most of the tutorials are in Photoshop, but they can be applied to sketchbooks and artrage. He doesn't use many odd functions from Photoshop.

    GZ- I'm glad you found that tip so helpful.

    I learned it from a great great woman back when I was first exploring art. She was a great mentor and teacher and wonderful friend. I wish I had not lost contact with her after high school.

    She was my high school art teacher and many people didn't understand her, but I adored her. While everyone else was cutting out of school early. I stayed the full day my senior year, just so I could learn more from her. I took every class she had to offer, devoured everything and she let me have a pretty good run in any direction I wanted to go. She went above the call of duty many times and paid money to put my art in shows that I couldn't afford to do.

    She was a fabulous teacher.

    I think of it as a mantra and always envision her standing behind me and catching me not doing it! It was the one that seemed to be most difficult for me to learn initially, so I try to remind myself of it all the time. I have it scribbled down where I can look at it everyday and remember.

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    Hi Jamie

    Welcome to the forums.

    I have absolutely no art history, i downloaded the free version on a whim, played around with it, liked it so much i bought the pro version lol, and have produced a couple of creditable paintings.

    All i can say is go for it, play with the tools, see what they can do, jiggle the settings etc This programme is awesome

    go with your heart, have fun with it ...ohh and dont expect to get any amount of housework or gardening or anything else you really should be doing done....artrage is terribly addictive

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