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Thread: iiPad Congrats

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    iiPad Congrats

    Artrage Guys applause. You won third place in art apps at MacWorld. I think it's HUGE as you are so new to the mobil device. Will this inspire you to get it on the iPhone as well. Pretty please. And again Hurrah. I love the app.

    iPad Division
    Winner: SketchBook Pro
    by Autodesk Inc. (

    2nd: ArtStudio for iPad by Lucky Clan (

    3rd: ArtRage by Ambient Design Ltd. (
    Susan Murtaugh satisfied user (ArtRage)

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    Should have been #1
    See ArtRage2.5 and 3.0 Studio Pro Tutorials:

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    Written, illustrated, animated and narrated by Judith Tramayne

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    Congratulations, it is a fantastic little app. I do also like Sketchbook and ArtStudio very much but an ipad and artrage feel very much like a digital pochade box.

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