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Thread: Pond.

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    Mar 2006


    hi there.., rapidly painted pond, in artrage and painter, tablet used. a mere impression just suggested and with a bit of abstraction.

    pleasure watching...
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    Feb 2008
    Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
    Enchanting, waheed! What a fascinating play of color!
    The only problem with humor is that no one takes it seriously.

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    Jun 2009
    Fabulous Waheed
    Treat Others as you wish to be treated

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    Santiago de Chile
    Regards from Chile
    "El arte no reproduce lo visible. Lo hace visible" Paul Klee

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    washington, usa
    That's a shimmering beauty Waheed.

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    Nov 2010
    Floral City, FL USA
    Oh, I love it!

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    Nov 2006
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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    Jul 2006
    Hi Waheed. You are going through a metamorphosis, aren't you?
    This technique looks fast. Monet like, via Nassir. Has an impressionistic feel, but not like you are out on location painting. More of an impression in the studio. Your pictures are getting quite active and complex.And the last 2 (this and the docks one) are almost bordering on abstraction. Very interesting to watch.

    You're still maintaining a high key palette. Overall the pictures have less of a compositional hierarchy, as you have painted them. Thus to me the paintings are taking on a life as a canvas and color. Still very recognizable as what you are intending to paint. I may be completely off base, but I would say that your inner liberated artist is asserting itself over the artist for hire. I know that when I was a hired artist, I had all kinds of ideas artistically that I could not act upon. And it did produce in me some artistic challenges to keep that side mute.

    I have no idea the why and wherefore of this painting, but if I were to look at it as a psychological study of the artist, I would say that on the surface in your world it's very hustle-bustle and chaotic, 1001 colors being demanded (ie. commercial demands), and under the surface there is gold (the coy fish?) living an entirely different life of richness and harmony, more limited palette. But it's hard to see, where one can only get glimpses through the chaos of the other world. I seem to see your older paintings down there, those little still life, chiaroscuro jewels you painted of coffee service and woven fabrics being lit by a beam of light, much as a beam of light might come into a pond through the lily pads when looking from under the surface. And those getting shoved off into a corner by the rest, beautiful as it can be on the surface in that milieu. There need be limits lest it overwhelm the rest.

    But that's my own take on it in a way as well. . . something to which I can personally relate. So you may have had none of that going on. Hahaha. But I do.

    Painting can be an adventure, no?

    Nice work.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    May 2007
    Rome (Italy)
    I see than any subject can be a blessed pretext for You to create magical marvels of lights, colors and brushstrokes which seem to change a clearly recognisable reality into its heavenly and supernatural version, into its purest essence ....
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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