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Thread: how is perspective done with art rage?

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    how is perspective done with art rage?

    how do YOU the artrage user do it?

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    It depends on the amount of precision I need in the drawing. If I need to make sure things are accurate, I rely on using the rulers, as I would were I to draw something using traditional media. Like this:

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    If I don't need to worry to much about accuracy, I'd probably make a grid using my Perspective Line Sticker Spray preset (there's more information on this, Here), like this:

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    Great stuff Gaeton - thanks for taking the time to do that.
    One of the great advantages AR has over other software in this regard is that not only can you have vanishing points way off the painting area, but they remain fixed relative to the image when you zoom or move the canvas too. Also you can have as any rulers as you want.

    As an example of other software - Sketchbook Pro which I also love is limited to one ruler (which shows as a dotted line and can be hard to see sometimes). Yes you can extend it off the canvas area, but if you zoom or pan it remains where it is on screen and doesn't adapt to the image navigation. That's really not helpful for perspective rigs.
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