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Thread: question about mouse and certain tools.

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    question about mouse and certain tools.

    i was just curious, certain tools (the pencil especially seem to work well with mousing. like drawing curves, circles, and lines. is this a by product of artrage? or is this done for mousers? (the pen is my favorite, but it doesn't have the control that the pencil has, (curves always come out lopsided) whats the best drawing tool in artrage for mousers. im on my trial period right now and though i owned a wacom bamboo pen and touch, i just dont like drawing with a tablet. and i dont really like the artificial feel of vector drawing eaither. whats the true purpose for the rulers and stencils? lastly, im having trouble getting the shapes i draw to close and fill.

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    after some exploring around the forum you will probably find some settings for the tools that help you a lot. Check in the tips and tricks section and also in art supplies. I have seen some amazing art done with just a mouse. Play with the smoothing settings on the pencil and ink pen that will help with the curves. There really is no automatic closing of strokes in artrage like in some vector programs. You can use the selection tools to make shapes and use the fill tool to fill it...but there really is no way to add a stroke (sadly) to a selection as of yet so that would probably require a process of two selections.
    For inking with the ink pen. I suggest two layers. the first one for the ink strokes and the second layer for inking. set the blend mode of the second layer to multiply. This will sort of trim the color inside the pen strokes. remove excess inking on the second layer with the eraser.
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    Most of the items I do are done with the mouse. It is a matter of practice. The stencils can help with shapes and lines. Experiment. If you have a Wacom tablet, practice with that is also helpful. By experimenting and regularly working with the tools available you should be able to get results that please you.

    And above all, have fun!

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